Обо мне. Portrait photographer in Belgrade Matvey Karmakov


My name is Matvey Karmakov — I’m glad to see you on my website!

Обо мне. Portrait photographer in Belgrade Matvey Karmakov

I position myself as a portrait photographer, but I also like to shoot fashion, beauty, as well as landscapes (the latter, mainly in travel).

You know, I will not write here prepared advertising stamps about why I am better than others or why you should choose me. No, I’d better tell you about myself and my attitude to photography, and my work and customer reviews will complement the story.

I’ve been taking pictures since childhood: I have always been surrounded by certain cameras: Viliya-auto, Zenit-E, Kodak, my first Nikon Coolpix L10 and Nikon D3100, film Nikon FG and F3, and finally Nikon D810 — so gradually I entered the world of photography, wonderful and huge in its capabilities and directions .

I stand for naturalness and beauty in everything, but now I will dwell on the portrait and on the areas associated with people. Many people think that a photographer who takes pictures of people and wants to make money on this should develop his own color / tonality of processing photos so that the potential client knows what he will get. A small part of me agrees with this seemingly logical statement, but the internal «rebel» arranges «creative riots». I believe that each person is unique, each shooting is unrepeatable. Both during shooting and in post-processing, I always look at a person and imbued with him, with all his beauty, character and originality. I am open to my client, we are friends who have not seen for a long time and who so much want to tell each other. I am both a listener and a storyteller, I only tell through my photographs, capturing the moments, views, emotions of my interlocutor.

I believe that each person is unique, each shooting is unrepeatable.

The value for everyone is still their own, so choose a photographer with whom you will be on the same wavelength — only then you will be able to create something that is knocked out of millions of the same type of photographs, something that will make you stop and begin to consider, think, feel the atmosphere, and after many years of life, come back and remember these moments saved in our photographs with you.

Always open for new acquaintances, communication and cooperation!